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A healthy life equals a healthy liver

That the liver is one of the most important organs in the human body is a fact known by everyone. Doctors all over the world stress upon the importance of the health of this organ for a normal life. Its normal and productive functional state is determinant for a life full of power and energy. The colon and the liver function in a symbiotic relationship where the colon can relieve the pressure toxins exercise on the liver. Because of that, more and more people nowadays choose to go through a colon detoxification to improve the functions of the liver.

Are you ready to detox your liver? You should, without a doubt, say yes!But how to do it? How can you regain your health and your well being? We all know that health is more important than everything especially when it comes to organs like the liver. Without a healthy liver we cannot conduct a normal life and feel without energy all the times. This is why the brilliant team behind Vitoliv came up with this special medicine to help you cleanse your colon and give extra power to your liver for the rest of the life.

If you decide to buy Vitoliv liver detox medicine you are choosing the safe way to a detoxification program that combines the benefits of a wide range of healing plants. Each treatment should start with a detoxification. During our lives we tend to make choices that affect the health of our organs. Drinking alcohol is probably one of the most damaging habits people have that affects mainly the liver, but also other organs. What Vitoliv liver detox medicine manages to do is to offer the body an active complex of plants meant to cleanse and cure at the same time. So, choose the safe way by choosing Vitoliv.


• PicrorrhizaKurroa 70 mg
• Phyllanthusniruri 100 mg
• Boerhaaviadiffusa 90 mg
• Andrographispaniculata 40 mg


Take 1 tablet twice a day. Drink it with a glass full of water. For the best results we encourage you to take VitoLiv for at least 3 months.
Each bottle contains 60 pills.


Doctor reviews:

Dr. Richard Walters

I know that alcohol consumption is the main cause of liver disorders. What I find it difficult to do it to explain my patients that they are not making the right choice when they decide to drink alcohol on a daily basis. But eventually I manage to make them understand that they need help. What I recommend for the health of their liver is Vitoliv liver detox medicine. I chose this natural remedy because I really care about my patients and their well being.

Testimonials from our customers


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John Milnus, Chicago:

Traveling, working all day long and casual drinks with business partners are part of my job. I know this is not the healthy way of living, but sometimes there is nothing I can do to prevent it. Unfortunately I know that my liver is the one which takes all the hits. So, I said to myself that it is time to find a detox liver remedy. My doctor recommended Vitoliv liver detox medicine because it works fast, has no side effects and it is completely natural. After taking a few pills I already feel better.


Phil, Canberra

I am a bartender and I have to confess that I love drinking alcohol. I am really good at preparing alcohol drinks and from time to time I enjoy a drink too. This lifestyle started to affect my liver for a while now, which is why I chose Vitoliv liver detox medicine. I started seeing improvements right from the beginning which made me very happy.


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