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Many of the pills marketed as safe herbal alternatives to Viagra and other prescription sex medications pose a hidden danger: For men on common heart and blood-pressure drugs, popping one could lead to a stroke, or even death.

That dirty secret represents a special danger for the millions of men who take nitrates — drugs prescribed to lower blood pressure and regulate heart disease. When mixed, nitrates and impotency pharmaceuticals can slow blood flow catastrophically, leading to a heart attack or stroke.

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Remedies for sexual problems are not always very safe. Because of that, finding the good ones is not an easy task at all. In addition to that, these sex pills are very expensive and do not guarantee 100% satisfaction. These are the main reasons we, at Safe Herbals, did all that stood in our hands to come up with the best natural supplements that go straight to the roots of the problem and fix it to give customers exactly what they expected to get. This healthy policy brings new customers every month. In fact, figures show that over 33.000 new men and women come to us to seek help for their problems.

We pride ourselves with the best natural pills and remedies that unlike other chemical products do not have side effects. For example, very few people know that Viagra or Cialis have negative effects not only on the short term but also on the long run. Sexual health is as important as all the other health issues. This is why when it comes to curing sex issues everyone should take informed decisions.


Our medical team of researchers selected only the best natural ingredients for all the remedies looking into the secrets of ancient treatments for these problems. If Safe Herbals would have to give you an example of how modern technology is combined with ancient remedies, NeosizeXL would be a sample of this magical mix of old and new. This increase penis size supplement have in his composition Mucuna Pruriens, a natural ingredient used by our ancestors too.

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